Highlands, NJ Fish Species

Common Highlands, NJ Fish Species Questions

What fish are in New Jersey?

New Jersey's diverse waters host a variety of fish species, including Striped Bass, Flounder, Bluefish, Black Seabass, Porgy, and Tautog. Warden Sportfishing Charters, led by Captain Sean Carkeek, provides the perfect opportunity for anglers to target these abundant species and experience the thrill of catching them in the scenic waters of Sandy Hook Bay.

What is the state freshwater fish of New Jersey?

The state freshwater fish of New Jersey is the Brook Trout, a species known for its vibrant colors and popularity among anglers. While Warden Sportfishing Charters primarily operates in the saltwater realm, Captain Sean Carkeek's expertise extends to various fishing experiences, offering anglers the chance to explore the rich diversity of New Jersey's waters and target a range of saltwater species.

What is the biggest freshwater fish in New Jersey?

The Muskellunge, commonly known as the Muskie, holds the title for the biggest freshwater fish in New Jersey, with some individuals reaching impressive sizes. While Warden Sportfishing Charters primarily focuses on saltwater excursions, Captain Sean Carkeek's versatile expertise and passion for fishing create a seamless connection, allowing anglers to explore both freshwater and saltwater opportunities in the vibrant fishing landscape of New Jersey.

A Warden Sportfishing Charters LLC Fishing Charter targets the top Highlands, NJ Fish species including Striped Bass, Bluefish, Flounder, Scup (Porgy), Black Seabass, Tautog. We primarily Fish the Atlantic Ocean, Raritan Bay, Wampum Brook, Oyster Bay, Lewis Point, Locust Point, Blackberry Bay, Swimming River, Highlands Reach, Nut Swamp Brook, Shrewsbury Bay.